Monday, April 30, 2018


Today we are launching Mental Health Awareness Week.  Each day, we will share a "tip for the week" to help improve your mental health.  Today's tip is to "Be Mindful".

"Mindfulness is a way of being and thinking.  When we are mindful, we focus our attention on what is happening in our body, our mind, and in our environment.  With mindfulness, we live in the present; we focus on what is happening right now".

To get you in the spirit of the week, we invite you to participate in our Green Ribbon Campaign being held during all three lunches in the cafeteria.  The colour green is associated with mental health awareness and symbolizes hope; hope that we may work together to fight the stigma surrounding mental illness and encourage those who may be suffering to come forward to seek the help they need.  By wearing a green ribbon, you openly and proudly support this cause.

If you give a small donation of at least 25 cents to support our very own Mental Health committee, your name will be entered into a draw for a chance to win a Cineplex certificate.  Prize winners will be announced on Friday!

We welcome you to come out to support mental health and wellness!