Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Our second “tip of the week” to help with mental health is to pray.

“God is a source of comfort, strength, and love for us. Through prayer, we enter into a deeper relationship with God and gain a sense of attachment to Him. Many studies have shown that individuals who pray to a loving and protecting God with whom they have a meaningful relationship are less likely to experience anxiety and stress. Prayer offers emotional comfort and reduces this stress.” Praying helps to improve our mental and emotional well-being. Perhaps you’d like to visit our chapel for quiet, reflective time to help calm your mind.

A current creative and de-stressing trend popular among children, teens, and adults alike is colouring! Please visit our Colouring Corner in the cafeteria today during all three lunches. Pick up a mandala or picture of your choice and colour your stress away! If you complete the task and submit your beautiful piece of art by Wednesday, your name will be entered in a draw for a chance to win a Yorkdale gift certificate. Prize winners will be announced on Friday!

Also, a reminder that tomorrow is “Wear Green Day!”  If you can, please wear a green top with your uniform pants to support mental health awareness. If you’re caught wearing green on your lunch, your name will be entered into the draw to win a Yorkdale gift certificate!

Please come out to support mental health and wellness!