Monday, June 8, 2015


JUNE is National Aboriginal Month. In this month, we would like to honour all the indigenous women that have been murdered and have been missing for the past decade. According to the report by the RCMP, 1,017 women and girls identified as Indigenous were murdered between 1980 and 2012- a homicide rate roughly 4.5 times higher than all other women in Canada. Unfortunately, police in Canada do not consistently record the Indigenous Identity of victims of crime. Statistics Canada reports that in 2009, for example, police records failed to note whether the victims of crime were Aboriginal or non-Aboriginal in 384 out of 610 homicides. Some victims of crime are being inaccurately identified as non-Aboriginal because police have not had proper training on why accurate identification is important and how it's to be determined. With this, we call on the government to provide better police training and services when dealing with Indigenous people in order to better their relationship with the Aboriginal communities.