Thursday, December 4, 2014


This is the last reminder for the following students:
Christian Romero; Jordan Pereira; Mateo Restrepo and Reginald Laryea to hand in their permission form with payment to Mr. Aldea by Monday Dec. 8. If you have the permission form with payment now, then you must see Mr. Aldea in portable 12 today after the morning announcements.

Mr. Turco would like to meet with Jason Alvarado; Garnett Graham; Christian Romero; Cristian Rosario; Mateo Restrepo; Tiron Dryden; Tory Dryden; Andre Samaniego; Kevin Rerreira; Jordan Pereira; Leonardo Lopes; and Reginald Laryea in portable 6 on Monday Dec. 8 after the morning announcements.

Mr. Aldea/Mr. Turco