Monday, December 15, 2014


Last Friday, the Varsity Boys' Soccer Team, consisting of:

Jason Alvarado; Garnett Graham; Christian Romero; Cristian Rosario; Mateo Restrepo; Tiron Dryden; Tory Dryden; Andres Samaniego; Kevin Ferreira; Jordan Pereira; Leonardo Lopes; Lucas Valenga and Reginald Laryea participated in the 6th Annual Marc Garneau Indoor Six Aside Soccer Tournament with 16 teams entering. Dante won two championships, in 2008 and 2009, Mr. Aldea and Mr. Turco knew that this year would be number three. The boys' won their round robin games by outscoring their opponents, in four games, by a margin of 23 goals to 0. In the semi final game, Dante faced their nemesis Neil McNeil, who won the championship last year. They won a tough match 3-2. With only 20 min. rest, Dante faced Vaughan Collegiate who were also undefeated in the finals. Once again the boys worked their magic and out scored their opponent by a score of 3-0. As was predicted by Mr. Aldea and Mr. Turco, Dante came out the winners. Dante has won three championships in the past six years. The MVP award, for the entire tournament was awarded to Reginald Laryea, who was presented with a soccer ball. Mr. Aldea and Mr. Turco would like to congratulate the entire team for their sportsmanship and hard work and long 12 hours day. The championship banner will be sent to Dante. Each player received a gold medal. If you see any of these students make sure you congratulate them. Congratulations Dante, you make us proud. 

Mr. Turco and Mr. Aldea