Wednesday, November 5, 2014

PROM 2015

From the Prom Committee

ATTENTION  GRADE 12 Students!!

This year's graduation prom will be held on Thursday May 14th 2015  at  The Terrace Banquet and Event Centre.

In order for us to secure this location we must make a deposit .... and require YOU to secure YOUR spot by making a deposit.. to US.

The prom committee is asking grade 12 students who want to attend this year's prom to make a first deposit of $40.

This will guarantee you AND 1 guest, each a seat.

We will be collecting the  $40  ...during the lunches.... in the cafeteria....... from November 18th until the 20th.

The size of hall we choose will be directly related to the number of deposits received.

If you do NOT provide a deposit at this time, we can NOT guarantee seats available at a later time.

Ms. Hebor