Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Good morning Dante!

Today is a Casual Day dedicated to The Angel Foundation for Learning. All students wearing casual clothes must donate a minimum of $2; otherwise students must be in full uniform. If students wearing casual clotheshave not donated a minimum of $2 they will be sent home. Pencil cases containing Casual Day passes can be found in Teacher’s mailboxes. Once the student has paid the $2, the money will go in the pencil and
teachers will give the Casual Day pass to the student with the student’s name and the Teacher’s signature at the back. It is mandatory that Teachers check for Casual Day passes during all periods to ensure that students have donated their $2. Pencil cases will be collected during 4th period.

All proceeds will go to the Angel Foundation for Learning.

Thank you for supporting the vital work of the Angel Foundation, spreading love,
and for being “real life angels.”

The Angel Foundation for Learning