Friday, September 12, 2014


The SPC Card is back Dante! Canada’s most amazing loyalty card, also known as the almighty SPC, provides students with discounts and deals at THOUSANDS of stores and restaurants nationwide!!!! You get savings on fashion, dining, sporting, lifestyle, and more! Offers vary but the most common are 10%-15% off! You can buy your very own SPC card HERE AT DANTE starting on Monday, September 15th until the 26th during all lunches in the cafeteria for only $9! And with every purchase, a portion of the proceeds will go back to our Dante Community. Meaning the more you buy, the more you get at future events! That’s not all! With every purchase, you also get a coupon of your choice ranging from dining to skincare stores. So why buy it anywhere else!!!

For more information you can visit the SPC website at or visit our social media on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @DanteCouncil or approach any of the Student Council Members and Moderators around campus. 

Thank you.
Student Council