Thursday, May 29, 2014


Good morning Dante family!!

Can you smell that? Its the smell of Victory!!!
Yesterday at Downsvies park, the 2014 TDCAA soccer championship took place.
The result: a major Power Outage!! Dante defeated M.Power 2-1.

To recap: a superb left strike by Jordan Pereira(alla Beckham) gave Dante the 1-0 lead.
Jordan would also hit another post on a free kick!

With ten minutes left, and the game tied at one a HERO was needed. It came in the name of Sergio Chazi
who after receiving a splendid pass by Alex molina rocketed a left foot strike passed the helpless power keeper!
GOOOOOAAAAAL!! Final: Dante 2 M.Power 1

So many people to thank: Thanks to all the fan support (students, teachers, secretaries, and admin)  that we received yesterday at downsview and throughout the year on our home field.

Thanks to Ms.Quagliozzi and Ms. Cifelli for all the refrees cheques! Without them we would have not been able
to bribe the refs...Just kidding:)

And most of all the coaches would like to thank the team for the great unbeaten season!

On a side note: the team would like to thank Ms. Fortino for her home made cookies after the game. Deliciuos!
Also Mr. Fortino boble heads were a hit!! Come to think of it, Ms.Fortino  bought all of them. :)

And to conclude, Mr.Ongaro is not here this morning. He is recovering from hypothermia as the team emptied the icy cooler on him after the game to celebrate!

Have a great day!! Windsor 2014 OFSAA, here we come!