Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Good morning from your Mental Health & Wellness Team:

It’s time to adopt new measures for a happier and healthier you. The best place to start is by nourishing your body with healthy foods and adopting healthy eating habits. It’s important to eat foods you enjoy but that are rich in nutrients your body needs. A well-balanced diet filled with fibre, surrounding yourself with healthy snacks, feeding your body only when its truly hungry, and eating well-sized portions is key to helping to care for your body.

During your lunch in the cafeteria, be sure to visit Debbie and Madge, our Public Health Nurses, to obtain more information on healthy eating, to pick up a copy of the Canadian Food Guide and to play some fun games for some tasty sugarless lollypops!

You truly are what you eat. Foods help to dictate our moods and contribute to our overall mental health!

Finally, we invite you to continue wearing your green ribbon in support for those suffering from various mental illnesses.

Remember Dante, Eat ~ Play ~ Love!