Thursday, May 8, 2014


It's time to continue loving yourself and enjoy being yourself.

Pride yourself on being unique and stop comparing yourself to others. Adopt a healthy attitude for life and accept yourself for who you are, body and mind. Forgive yourself as you would forgive others and celebrate your successes! Remind yourself of all your skills, accomplishments, relationships and interests. Always focus on the positive! Develop coping strategies to deal with negative situations and remember, you control your happiness, not the world around you. To like yourself, you must know that the fashion world isn't reality! Feel good in your own body and love the personality and character that is you. Most importantly, loving yourself means taking the time to engage in activities you enjoy and spending time with those who make you feel good. There is no one definition for happiness so create on that suits you! And, continue Tweeting your photos showcasing your passions to using hashtag #Happinessls.

Be sure to visit our information booths on your lunch for some wonderful information from community organizations that specialize in helping youth love themselves! Perhaps you'll find an activity that's right for you!

Remember Dante. Eat - Play - Love!