Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Today we encourage you to adopt new measures for a happier and healthier you in terms of being active! Remember, every effort counts. Start with small activities and slowly make it a part of your regular routine. Set realistic goals and take up an activity you enjoy. Bring a friend or make it a family affair. Getting fit with those you love and care about makes it so much more meaningful. Most importantly, think of the benefits. Regular physical activity will increase your energy level, reduce stress, improve your sleep, manage your weight, and will help to build a strong mind and body. Physical activity adds more to life... more energy.. more fun ... and more healthy ways!

During all lunches, visit our Mental Health & Wellness booth. Make a commitment to improve your physical or emotional health and get a free lollypop! See our Mental Health student leaders to find out more!

A message from your Mental Health and Wellness Committee.