Thursday, May 22, 2014


Dante had a huge end-of-the-season double-header against close company in foreign territory, South Etobicoke played host to a couple of crucial end of season matchups. Dante squared off against Johnson at 9 am right by the water, shrouded in sunlight with fans on hand. Mr. Jamnik and Mr. Boscarino endured an early start and a long day to secure our school's name and team in the playoffs. An early loss led to an epic victory in the afternoon with the clouds looming. Ford Nation has seen nothing like it. Highlights included Michael Raposo with an injury-ridden double play and huge catches in the outfield. Chris Ferris as a clutch-pitcher in both games. Gianni Pesce shone with catches and clutch hits along with fellow grade 12 Michael Pileggi with a keg catch and RBI. A huge shout out to our number one fan Mrs. Gauthier for cheering us on and supplying the much-needed snacks!! Victory was bitter-sweet ad the coaches are very proud of all the players. The quest for victory continues on Monday with our playoff game in the east-end! Scarborough awaits, but we are not scared!!! Dante, ready as always!!!

Go Monarchs!!

Mr. Boscarino