Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Canada's experiences in War have been marked by great triumphs but also by harsh setback. The Dieppe Raid during the Second World War was one of the darkest chapter in Canada's military history. The Dieppe Raid, code-name "operation jubilee" saw more than 6,000 men come ashore at 5 different points along a 16 kilometre long stretch coastile to attack Dieppe. The men who participated paid a great price in the Dieppe Raid. From the 4,963 canadians that went under, only 2,200 canadians returned home but very badly wounded. 1942 was one of the darkest periods of the second world war. But the fact that the Allies came ashore in occupied France, gave the French hope and the Dieppe Raid let them know that they have not been forgotten. As remembrance day comes near we have written a poem to salute every soldier in the wars that have happened or are happening now:

Blood, Sweat, tears come down
Love ones lost or never been found
Hopes shatter and dreams collide
when you see what military really is inside
As men get ready for the war not knowing
they wont see their families any more
Goodbyes go out to those who've gone away
Hoping you'll see them again some day
Afraid to sleep, hoping its all a dream
Sitting in the trenches tryin to block out all the screams

When the silent has come and the boom has disappeared
The whisper of wind picks up in the field
As they fought for us with all their might
We stand for the soldiers who went out to fight