Monday, September 10, 2012


Any grade 10 boys who wish to try out for the Jr. Boys’ soccer team must report to portable 6 after school today Sept. 10 to sign up. Make sure you bring a pen or pencil. The first tryout session will take place on Sept. 11, Tuesday. You must bring your soccer shoes and change of clothes to try out. A list will be placed outside the gym doors on Sept. 11 in the morning. If your name is on this list, then your tryout session will take place on Sept. 11. The try out will be at Dante on the soccer field. You must report to Dante’s soccer field on Sept. 11 Tuesday by 2:45. Make sure you change on the field and make sure you have your belongings with you as you will be leaving from Dante by 4:00. 

Mr. Turco