Monday, October 3, 2011


Last week Friday, the Jr. Boys' soccer team travelled to Oshawa and participated in the 1st Annual Civic Classic. There were three pools and only the top seeded team in each pool and a wild card team would advance for the semifinals. Dante started off the round robin with a 2-0 win against R.S. McLaughlin. In the second game against Donald A. Wilson S.S, Dante lead 1-0 in the first half but could not hold onto the lead and the game ended 1-1. With the tie, both teams had to decide the game in a shoot out. Dante could not finish with the win and lost 2-1 in the shoot out. Dante had to win their final game against their nemesis Michael Power to move to the semi-finals. With both teams playing hard, Power had their chance and with a free kick scored and lead 1-0. Dante tried everything to tie the game but could not score and eventually lost the final round robin game 1-0. Dante finished the tournament with a record of 1 win, and 2 losses. Mr. Turco and Mr. Matiitchik would like to congratulate the players for their fine sportsmanship. Even the convener Mr. Amenta commented by saying "You have one of the best Jr. sides I have seen in a long time; fantastic to watch them play". The MVP player for Dante was Matio Restrepo, who won a tee shirt. The coaches would also like to remind the team that tomorrow is their soccer game against Allen. The game is played at Dante's soccer field. The following students Gianluca Bellissimo and Gabriel Godinho must see Mr. Matiitchik today after the morning announcements in room 306.

Mr. Turco