Friday, April 29, 2011


Good Morning Citizens of Dante!

Student Vote Day has arrived! Dante poll clerks will be arriving to your Period 2 class today for you to cast your vote. Dante students will cast their vote for one of the four political candidates for the Eglinton-Lawrence riding.

In order for your ballot to be counted for a candidate, a ballot must clearly indicate your preference of the voter. Please use a checkmark or mark an X to properly mark your ballot.

Pay attention to the P.A. announcements on Tuesday, May 3rd to hear if your candidate was elected as the new Member of Parliament for the Eglinton-Lawrence Riding and who will be Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister.

Thank you for your participation in Student Vote!

L. Tonelli
Department Head of History & Law
Dante Alighieri Academy
60 Playfair Avenue,
Toronto, ON M6B 2P9