Thursday, April 14, 2011

HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH; Afro-Colombians and Senator Cordoba

The term Afro-Colombian is used to define Colombians of African heritage. The Afro-Colombian population has its roots in various parts of the African continent. Although Afro-Colombian communities are very diverse, they share some similarities such as ethnicity, history, social organization, family structure, sense of identification and traditional and religious practices. Senator Piedad C√≥rdoba is an Afro-Colombian Senator who was born in Medellin on January 25, 1955. She is also a lawyer. She is famous for being a strong advocate for social justice and constant supporter of legislation that addresses all the ‘isms’ so that Colombian racialized minorities can have better opportunities for a better future. Afro-Colombians make up close to 40 percent of Colombia's people.