Monday, April 11, 2011


There is one main group of Aboriginal people in Honduras. They are Miskitos. They live in the southeastern section of Honduras. In Honduras there are many other Aboriginal communities such as the Xicaques, Torrupan, Lenca, Chorti, Tawanka, and the Garifuna. The Miskito people are the largest Aboriginal community in Honduras. They make up approximately more than 50% of the Aboriginal population in Honduras. They speak the Miskito language and English. The Chortis are direct descendants of the people who built Copan, the capital of the ancient Maya empire. The Tawanka people are the smallest Aboriginal community in Honduras. They live in the centre of the Mosquitia, the largest rainforest. The Garifunas came to Honduras because the British expelled them from the island of St. Vincent. They rely heavily on the fishing industry. Thanks Mr. Flores