Monday, February 7, 2011


DATE: Feb 7, 2011

There will be a dance rehearsal for all those performing on Urban Culture Day after school on Monday and Wednesday.

Also, the last day to purchase Urban Culture Day tickets is Wed. Feb. 9. No students will be permitted to buy tickets at the door and only those students who have already spoken with Ms De Angelis will be asked to help work the event. Tickets are $15. Students from ten different schools will be taking part this year and like last year there will be a professional hip hop workshop, an hour long dance show, a Caribbean dinner, and a 3 hour dance with hip hop and dance hall DJ Kevon Reid. Come out and support Ill Skillz and help Dante celebrate Black History Month.


Jessica De Angelis
Teacher--Drama and Ill Skillz
Dante Alighieri Academy
60 Playfair Avenue
M6B 2P9