Friday, January 14, 2011


DATE: January 14, 2011

Every February at Dante, Ill Skillz hosts Urban Culture Day in celebration of Black History Month. Urban Culture Day 2011 will take place on Friday February 18 from 3:30pm-10pm. Tickets are $15 and will be available soon from Ms De Angelis and the senior members of ill skillz--Nerina Andrade, Deborah Ampong, Brandon Gomes, Prince Obanor, and Chris Torres. This year, 11 schools will be attending including Loretto College, Percy Johnson, Marshall McLuhan, Bishop Romero, and Bishop Morrocco. Your $15 gets you….a professional dance workshop from OIP, an hour long hip-hop show, dinner from Mainsha's, and the 3 hour dance with a professional DJ.

Also, ill skillz T-shirts will be sold starting today during all three lunches in the caf for $10. See members of ill skillz for details.

Jessica De Angelis
Teacher--Drama, Dance, English, and Ill Skillz
Dante Alighieri Academy
60 Playfair Ave.