Monday, October 18, 2010


DATE: October 18, 2010

Good Morning Citizens of Dante!

Do you love your city - Toronto? Are you concerned about its welfare? Do you feel that the city needs fresh new leadership that will bring new ideas, listen to the concerns of Torontonians, and act upon them?

During the week you will be hearing the platforms of each candidate in Dante's riding. Listen carefully because you will be voting for the candidate you feel best represents your interests and concerns for our school community and our city as a whole.

So have your say! On Friday, October 22, during period 1 you will have the opportunity to vote for the municipal candidates who you feel should represent this community and lead this city. Poll clerks with be visiting your homeroom class where voting will take place. If you have a spare during period 1 you will be able to vote in the library. Don't let this opportunity go to waste! This is your city so have your say!

Ms. Ferrante