Thursday, May 20, 2010


DATE: May 20, 2010

Mr. Sampogna and Ms. Fearon would like to thank the girls that continued to attend and develop their softball skills. It takes a dedicated athlete and a willingness to learn to succeed.

If you see the following girls be sure and congratulate them on their performance

Bianca Cruz- our awesome pitcher with great attitude
Anika Superville- centre fielder with a phenomenal throw
Ashley Gomes- right fielder with a piercing throw
Stephanie Caruso- our flying left fielder
Nicole Fernandez- our rover with agile skills
Vanessa Cristello- our 1st base with outstanding catches
Christena Bezerra our 2nd base who is always so positive
Esmerelda Raymondo- our shortstop with the ability to grab everything
Olga Dos Santos- our 3rd basement with a wicked arm
Lenore Jackson- our only grade 9 student
Bianca Magliochetti- your speed on the diamond is impressive
Emma Vertolli and Sylvia Gjoek- Our BackCatchers it takes a special person to keep the umpires happy and Thank to all that attended and supported and special mention to Christie.

A big thank you to our Volunteer Coach Joe Bezerra

Ms. Fearon/ Mr. Sampogna

PS: See us for Athletic banquet tickets and if you have still not paid your athletic fee also see Ms. Fearon