Friday, January 8, 2010


DATE: January 8, 2010

To all Grade 12 students who are planning to graduate in June, 2010. Grad photos are scheduled from January 12-25, 2010 inclusive. Grad photos will be taken by a Life Touch photographer beginning at 9:00 am. If you are interested in having your grad photo taken, you must register on the Life Touch website at and make a seating appointment for your photograph. Life Touch pamphlets are available in the main office, for your perusal. If you are experiencing any difficulty making your appointment, please forward your concern to Mrs. Catania our school secretary, and she will forward your concern to Mr. Pavia. On the day of your photo session with Life Touch, you are expected to attend school in full uniform and be present for your classes, except for your scheduled appointment. It is our hope to provide all teachers of graduating students with a list of students and their appointment times so that students do not take advantage of wasting precious class time prior to your first semester exams.

Thank you
Mr. Pavia