Friday, December 4, 2009


DATE: December 4, 2009

From Ms Sousa's class - By now all teachers have received a water bottle to participate in the three cent challenge. If all of the staff and students bring in just three cents we can buy a piglet or some bunnies for worldvision. By now, the goat that we gave last year has produced up to 250 litres of milk and it may have also produced offspring! This sustainable gift makes a huge difference to an impoverished community in Africa, but we need your three cents to reach our goal!
We would like to thank the classes who have already brought in their pennies and a special thanks and God Bless goes out to Christopher Gil and Nelson Mota in Ms Pilaf's class who each brought in an entire bottle of pennies!

Let's keep those pennies rolling in Dante!
Ms. Sousa