Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Date: Nov 24/09
Teacher’s Name: MR. TURCO

The following students: Mark Tavares; Daniel Clemente; John Oliveira; James Lucas; Derrick Amankwa; Steven Pereira; and Pedro Dias have not submitted the permission form with payment. In order to participate in this six aside indoor soccer tournament you must submit the permission form with payment to Mr. Turco by tomorrow Wed. Nov. 25/09. Mr. Turco has extended the deadline. Failure to submit the permission form with payment will result in not participating in this tournament. It is the student's onus to approach Mr. Turco with the permission form and payment. Once again the deadline to submit the permission form with payment is Wed. Nov. 25/09. Make sure you see Mr. Turco if you have your permission paper with payment today after the morning announcements in portable 6. Mr. Turco requires payment to guarantee entry for this tournament. If Mr. Turco does not receive the permission form with payment from those students mentioned, he will have to pull out from the tournament.