Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Date: November 18th 2009
Teacher’s Name: Ms. Pescador
Subject: Junior Girls Basketball

What a spectacular season. Ms. Pescador and Mr. Finnison would like to congratulate the Junior Girls Basketball team for a competitive and fun season. Dante should be proud of their team and the commitment they showed on and off the court.

Last nights semi final game was a nail biter. The score was always within 2 points. Our fouls got us in trouble and in over time with no time on the clock and the other team with foul shot in their favour…Dante is finally defeated.

Dante ends their season arguably in third place. Their coaches are so very proud of each an every one of their players….

Sonia O’Neill
Chevonne Woozencroft-Thomas
Maida ghide
Mila Lagbeneku
Chantelle Espinoza
Adrianna Aksu
Veronica Perreria
Sara Mottola
Jennifer Munoz
Julia France
Megan Medeiros
Lenore Jackson
And Shampagne Bryon-Christie.

Congratulations again Girls!