Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Date: Oct. 28/09
Teacher’s Name: MR. TURCO

The Jr. boys' soccer team traveled to the Hangar yesterday to play their quarter final game against their nemesis Chaminade. The team faced Chaminade in the tournament earlier on in the season and won in a shoot out. Dante did not want another shoot out so they worked hard throughout the game and both teams were tied 1-1 at the end of the first half. The coaches new that Dante would pull out a victory as they had more chances to score than Chaminade. The coaches were right. The team scored two more times and won the game 3-1. Scoring for Dante was Raemon Mendoza, Regie Amankwa, and Raul Soto. The coaches would like to congratulate the team for a superb game and for their commitment to win. Dante now moves on to the semi-final game on Thursday. The team they face on Thursday is McLuhan. If you see the players, do congratulate them for their big win against Chaminade.

Fourth period teachers are asked to dismiss the players on Thursday Oct. 29/09 at 1:25(Beatrice) and 1:35(Dante) so that they can board the school bus for this very important game.