Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday April 27, 2009

Teacher’s Name: Antonietta Sgorlon

Subject: Community Service Hours

Do you desire to help others?

You can really make a difference!

The Baker Center – long term care and retirement residence is in need of volunteers!

Students interested in community service hours are encouraged to visit the
Guidance Department for additional details.

Teachers Name: Ms. Ferrante

Attention Girls Softball Team,

There will be mandatory softball practices Tuesday and Thursday at Caledonia Park after school.

Teacher’s Name: Mr. Leo & Mr. Galati

Subject: Girls Soccer

Place: Girls Soccer “A” Team plays St. Basil today on our field at 3:00 pm.

Teachers please dismiss the players at 2:15 pm.

Teachers Name: Ms. Pescador

Attention All Students:

Change for the

1. About 5 loonies can buy one tree, which allows 2 people to breathe clean air foa a lifetime;

2. The benefits provided by 500 trees equals taking one car off the road:

3. 300 trees counteract the amount of pollution the average person produces in a lifetime.

4. We were provided with an etimate that there was about $2billion in loose change in Canada.

April 29th & 30th Period One

Collection of loose change will take place during period one

Our goal is to get 50 trees planted in our neighbourhood.