Thursday, April 9, 2009

Date: April 14 – 15- 16, 2009

Teacher’s Name: Ms. Sgorlon

Subject: Encounters With Canada Adventure!

Encounters with Canada Adventure!

Attention all Dante Students!

Are you interested in going to Ottawa and living the experience of a lifetime!

You will discover your country’s rich history, second language, leadership skills
but most importantly you will discover yourself!!!

This program brings high school students (ages 14-17) from all across Canada,
together for a week of incredible discoveries.

This program will change your life by giving you the opportunity to:

Discover the Parliament of Canada
Meet famous and great Canadians and
Take part in hands-on workshops, cultural happenings and a lot more!

Encounters with Canada is a unique opportunity that can’t be missed!

Please see Mrs. Sgorlon or Ms. Tonelli for more information.