Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March 31, 2009

Girls Soccer

Attention all girls interested in joining the Girls Soccer Team.

Tryouts continue in the Dante Gym today (Tuesday) and tomorrow (Wednesday) aftr School.

Please bring your gym clothes including a pair of running shoes

This is a reminder from the Co-op Department that interviews are being held again today in room 325. Students should have received a white interview information slip from their homeroom teacher indicating the time of interview and should show this to their class teachers in order to be excused.

Dante Staff,
A word of thanks to all the staff members who helped out and came out to Friday Night's Wake-A-Thon. Your presence was greatly appreciated in the early and into the Wii hours of the Night. All proceeds will be going to help a rural community in Uganda with Transportation needs. Once again, thanks for your care and support in Dante's Annual Wake-A-Thon that draws so many Dante Students. God Bless You.
Peace, Robert

Boys Soccer
The Jr. Boys' soccer team travelled to the Soccer Centre in Woodbridge and participated in the annual soccer tournament. The team played two round robin games and they won the first one 2-0 against Notre Dame and tied their second one 0-0 against St. Augustine. With one win and a tie the team finished first in their division. They were patiently waiting to see whom they would face for the final and important match. They had to win their third and final game to advance to the tournament of championship on April 9. The team was not fortunate as they lost 2-1. The coaches would like to congratulate all the players for their outstanding accomplishments even though they could not advance.

Mr. Turco

Monday, March 30, 2009

March 30, 2009

Girls Softball
Attention all girls. Spring has arrived and spring training will commence very soon. If you are interested in playing on the Varsity Girls Softball team please meet Ms. Ferrante and
Mr. Sampogna today, after school in room 401.

Girls Soccer
Attention all girls interested in joining the Girls Soccer
Tryouts continue in the Dante Gym tomorrow (Tuesday) and Wednesday after school.
Please bring your gym clothes including a pair of running shoes.
Mr. Leo and Mr. Galati

Junior Boys' Volleyball
Reminder to the members of the Jr. Boys' Volleyball Team of their away game tomorrow at Father Henry Carr. Students are to meet at 2:00pm in front of the main office to board the bus. Students are also reminded to bring their signed permission forms and athletic fee.
Brian Petracco

Subject: Muskoka Woods -NORTH
Muskoka Woods NORTH student leaders are reminded of their meeting today after school in the auditorium
Ms. Stock

Announcement for Co-op Department

Grade 11 and 12 students who are interested in finding out more about the Canadian Armed Forces are invited to join us on a trip to Base Borden on Thursday May 28th. Studens will see Dante's own Armed Forces Co-op students and learn about the Co-op program offered by the Canadian Armed Forces. Interseted students should come to the Co-op office for further details and permission forms.

Friday, March 27, 2009

March 27, 2009

From: Teacher’s Name: Mr. Leo & Mr. Galati
Subject: Girls Soccer

Attention all girls interested in joining the Outdoor Girls
Soccer Team.
Tryouts begin in the Dante Gym today (Friday) after school.

Please bring your gym clothes including a pair of running shoes

From: Mrs. Sgorlon

Subject: Scholarships

Attention all Grade 12 students:

Applications for the following scholarships are now available. They are:

· Hotel Scholarships
· Ontario Securities
· Governor General’s Awards
· University of Alberta
· Dalhousie University
· Volunteer Awards
· Silver Jubilee Awards of Excellence
· Louise Russo Youth Awards
· Serra Club Essay Contest

For more information, please visit the Scholarships and Awards Bulletin Board in the Guidance Office.

Thank you!

From: Mr. Turco
Please excuse the following students from your class on Monday March 30/09 as they will be participating in an all day indoor soccer tournament.
Mark Tavares
Matthew Waite
Cesar Mejia
Sergio Marin
Ryan Machado
Jose Alves
Martin Urraburu
Aubert Rugero
Reggie Amankwa
Jonathan Crizul
Philip Barrocas
Felipe Lasso
Raemon Mendoza
Nathaniel Johnson
Pedro Santos
Ruben Casinhya
Ryan Costa
Junior Pinheiro

From: Beatrice Campus


There will be a practice Monday afterschool at the main campus, bring permission forms for Humber College..... Badminton



Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March 24, 2009

From the Co-op Department:

Interviews for students who selected Co-op as an option for next year will take place on Wednesday March 25th in the Co-op office (room 325).

Students should receive an interview information slip from their homeroom teacher. This slip must be presented to the appropriate classroom teacher to permit you to leave class to attend the interview at your scheduled time so DO NOT LOSE IT!

You may also check the time of your interview on the lists posted in the cafeteria by the Co-op bulletin board and outside the Guidance Office.

March 24


March 24-09


Announcement Form
(Period 1) Xa.m./Xp.m.

Date: MARCH 24/09
Teacher’s Name: MR. TURCO

Event: ____________________________________________________
Meeting Date: _____________________________________________
Meeting Time: _____________________________________________
The following students: Ryan Machado; Mark Tavares; Matthew Waite; Cesar Mejia; Philip Barrocas; Felipe Lasso; Pedro Santos and Ruben Casinhya must report to Dante on Monday March 30/09 at 7:30 a.m. to board the school bus for the indoor soccer tournament. Make sure you bring your lunch and indoor soccer shoes.

Approved: ________________________________________________


Tuesday March 24

Today's news.
Casual Day tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday March 3

Several students will be attending a Career Fair Expo today at the Exhibition.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday March 2

This message posted at 1:40 pm.
Mr. P.