Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Thank you to the members of the Senior Boys Basketball Team who finished their season last night vs Mother Teresa and thank you to Mr. Damiani who showed up to coach.  I really enjoyed myself.

I would like to take this time for all of Dante Alighieri Staff and Students to thank the coaches and the student athletes that have put in their time and their effort in coaching at Dante since September 2017, we at Dante lost a valuable member of our Coaching by the passing of Mr. DiNicolantonio and it has meant so much by continuing strong in our Athletic Community.

 Mr. Canning has  been coaching since September with the Boys Senior Volleyball and Continued to Coach Girls Junior Girls Volleyball along with Ms. Pescador Mr. Galati and Mr. Sampogna coached Senior Girls Volleyball

Mr Blackburn and Mr. Damiani since September have coached both Junior and Senior Girls Basketball and then both Junior and Senior Boys Basketball and held a very successful  memorial tournament for Mr. DiNicolantonio.

Ms. Fearon and Ms. Cilento coached Girls Field Hockey and now move on to the Girls Soccer Team with Ms. Maietta.

We are very lucky at Dante to have such excellent teachers and coaches and student athletes.  We move forward with Indoor Soccer, Badminton and of course the upcoming Ski Trip.

Happy Valentines Day Dante Community,
Ms. Fearon


Great day by all 22 girls that participated in the TDCAA indoor Soccer winning 2 games out of 4.

Thank you to Ms. Cilento and Ms. Maietta.

Next practice is Feb 21st at Dante all must attend in order to play on March 1st.  See Ms. Fearon for details.


Are you interested in working this summer???

If so, our board is offering summer employment opportunities as:

Camp counsellors, office and custodian staff in our schools from July 3rd through              July 10.  

Pay is $14.00/hr plus you you can earn 2 credits while working.

For more information regarding applications please see Guidance.


There will be a meeting today, after school, for members of WE, in room 309

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Last night the Jr. Girls Volleyball team's season came to an end with a 3-2 lost to Monsignor Johnson..  It was a gut wrench match with hug plays and nail biting moments.

Congratulations girls to a great season.

Pleas return jerseys to Ms. Pescador A.S.A.P.

Thank you.


All students going on Eurotrip must attend an important meeting to receive forms, dates and times.

This meeting is obligatory.

C. Alaimo

Monday, February 12, 2018


Reminder to all girls indoor soccer players participating in tomorrows tournament at the Hangar at 8:45 a.m.  You MUST have all signed permission forms or you will NOT be allowed to play.